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I found all eight volumes of the UK series New Poems and Selected Letters at a second hand bookstore in Somerville, MA over the course of about a year several years ago. Other than that, the only find I can recall is This is Not the Titanic, a poetry journal from '74 that I found for $2 at a used bookstore tucked back from the street about five doors down from where I lived in the fishing village of Stonington, CT back in '90-'92.
Have to say that for a high selling author, buk is mighty hard to find second hand. I guess people really hang on to their copies or pass them to friends, which is the way buk might have liked it.
Yeah, Bukowski always goes fast, even the Ecco editions. The only Black Sparrow Buk I own is the Martinelli letters from D.G. Will's in La Jolla. Mr. Wills kindly gave me a poster of the same photo PhillyDave has with the text, "an early taste of death is not necessarily a bad thing." Classic portrait.
The store I most often go to Book Haven always has a few Buk including BSP editions. Really pretty great & pretty lucky.
In Germany you don't find many Bukowski's in second-hand-stores, but there's a HUGE amount at German ebay on any given day at virtually no cost, so I guess the web is the place, where they fall of shelves.

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