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lothario speedwagon
next bukowski's poetry books at borders yesterday (in fact, literally resting against "Love is a Dog from Hell") was the cambridge companion to feminist literary theory. proof, i guess, that bukowski wasn't a misogynist.
yeah, he really wasnt. that is funny though.

yesterday I was at the bookstore. The only Buk they had was (come on in, flash, and nirvana, oh and a movie poster cover of Factotum) and it took me a long time to find them because they were in a cubby hole.
so, I went around and put them in front of shitty books, on top shelves.
The strangest Bukowski juxtaposition I ever saw was a copy of LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL with a Garfield The Cat sticker pasted inside the front cover. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. Hello Kitty I can imagine, but Garfield?
Well, Buk was a cat lover and had he been a cat he would have been a naughty cat like Garfield. The lasagne craving would be substituted for beer of course...:D
What I always pictured was some kid who was into Garfield and had these stickers, and then grew up a bit, discovered Bukowski, and thought maybe it would be cool to stick one of these old Garfield stickers in the book. Later he/she would think better of it.

Things found in books is a fascinating topic. Open to endless speculation.

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