boozy birthday wishes: bukfan & hank solo (1 Viewer)


stop the penistry
bukfan and hank solo, it's YOUR new zealand birthday today!

have a good one, guys!

[what is with all these october birthdays?? there must be a lot of post-new years sexy-time going on].

i think i will have a drink for you two and hoochmonkey tonight ;)
I do appreciate the heads up, Ruby.

Not to be technical, but it is November, Dear.
Counting back, it looks like a few Valentines Day dates gone wild.
Surely true in my case.

hank solo? bukfan? From my little part of the forum, I send you both all my best.
gestation is closer to 10 months, not 9 - so these people's parents have been doing some sexing even before valentine's day.
Hm. Is everyone's birthday on the same two days? I like that :)
With the week-end coming now it's like a 4-day non stop party... Happy birthday!
happy birthday, ROC

what did i say about all these people having post-NY's sexy-time?? now it's ROC's birthday too! i feel bad not starting a special thread just for you, ROC, but it's getting outta hand... all these goddamn birthdays... (and father luke's is coming up, too)

maybe mjp could just rename this thread ' user birthday wishes' or some shit, and it could be revived every time i feel it necessary to wish someone a happy birthday. maybe it's corny and not a big deal to most people, but my family never did much for birthdays so now i have a thing about making sure i remember to acknowledge other people's birthdays.

enough about me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROC!! i had a drink to celebrate for you (ok, maybe a couple of drinks).

i also made you a cake, but i ate it.

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