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Born Into This (analog) (1 Viewer)


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Dying to see Born Into This but you live in the woods and use a diesel generator for electricity? Allergic to DVD players? Just have to have everything Bukowski?

Well, I'm cleaning out the closet and I found a rare retro treat for you - a legit, first generation VHS copy of Born Into This, direct from the producer, Magnolia Pictures.

Not a bootleg, but a review screener from the movie company. No time code or watermarks or other annoyances to get in the way.

Commercial VHS release is incredibly unlikely, so this is uncommon whether you need it because all you have is a VCR, or you just want it because it exists.

First $25 via PayPal takes it. I'll pay the postage (U.S. only please...it probably won't play in a Euro VCR anyway). If no one wants it I'll try eBay, though I don't know if they'll let it go. It would be funny if the hundreds of bootlegs could be sold but they shut me down for this.

Send me a PM if it tickles your pickle.


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