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well, I have 5 copies left! First come, first served. This is basically for the newbies, I believe most Charter Members already have a copy -or they're about to.

If you're interested, please read this:

Basically, it's a DVD with the infamous Apostrophes episode and an interview with Linda which is not available on the US/Australian versions. There are also two printed poems -very hard to find- included in the package.

Please send me a pm if you're REALLY interested.
Thanks again C. Good work. It works like a charm. I bet the French producers regret they avoided filming Buk as much as they did...
And I just wanted to post something to get the thread with the N-word off the first Forum-page. ;)
I don't think that's the reason; they could have used subtitles to solve the issue.

anyway, use the headphones and crank it up!
Good!!! - a little tip to all the lucky owners : If you buy a 2 disc case
you can have both "Born into this" and "Apostrophes" in one case, just as in the french edition...:)

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