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hey there fiends...

just a bit of idle trivia for you all. my favourite rock group of 20 odd years, The Cult, is releasing a new cd in September called "Born Into This"

The lead singer, Ian Astbury is an arty dude and the album is named after that poem we all love.

anyways, if you like it heavy with introspective lyrics (he's named checked abbie hoffman, jack kerouc and others in the past) then check it out...


Actually, it's named after a movie.

Buks poem is called 'Dinasauria We'.

This forum is definitely the place to mention these sorts of things and I'm not having a go at you LAF, but I can't think of anything more banal that a band I like mentioning a poet I like. I mean, who cares?


Sourly Pedantic
Actually, the album is called after the line in the poem, first line of the third paragraph I believe. I know the poem very it... and it's called 'Dinosauria, we' and not "Dinasauria We'

Banal? I'll take that on board - then instantly dismiss it.

Comon ROC Sourly Pedantic, Get HAPPY! I know you do care really, your just trying to be tuff hard asss.
Hardly. Not trying to be tough at all.
I'm a real softy.

I stand corrected on the comma, o and capitalized W.
I wasn't trying to insinuate that you did not know the poem (or its title, or its titles spelling!). Simply pointing out the all too common mistake of attributing "Born Into This' as its title; "the album is named after that poem we all love."

I genuinely believe that bands dropping names of their favorite authors is a real yawn - but is seems to give some a vicarious thrill - so I'll bow out.

I hope The Cults album is good.

P.S. You ever make it down to Melbourne, I'll buy you a beer and show you my etchings - woops! - I mean Bukowski collection!
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I genuinely believe that bands dropping names of their favorite authors is a real yawn...
It is. But try deleting the pop culture references to Bukowski from his wikipedia page. ;) They react like you're defacing the Mona Lisa or something.

. . .

Ah, it's good to see that wikipedia is still the shithole it's always been. I just went to see if all the band references were still there, and they are (more now than ever), but there's also a picture taken from this site ( that someone has been generous enough to "irrevocably release[d] all rights to."

I doubt that either Mat (who gave me the pic) or Linda Bukowski, who took it, gave away those rights, but I'll check. Maybe I'm wrong. But wikipedia is still worthless.

. . .

Okay, I am wrong. Looks like Mat gave up his copyright for that pic. But wikipedia is still worthless. Did I mention that?
That picture has always bugged me. It seemed self serving for this Mat guy. I don't know him and he could be a great guy, but why is there no great pic of Buk at Mariposa, with the peeling wallpaper behind him? There are co many great Buk photos that I would use. Instead they show as the only picture, one polaroid taken at the end of his life with two fans. I can imagine that if we changed the picture to a more classic one, their bots would change it back.

I bought the album "Love" somewhere in the 80ties, it was ok.
The next album I found bad, so I forgot on them.

I didn't forget what a radio guy said: First they called The southern death cult, then The death cult, now it is The cult and soon it is kut (cunt),(very bad music.)
I might just take up your kind offer ROC. Doesnt sound like too many Cult fans on this site....sorry you didnt like the album after Love, Mr Ponder..
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