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I have yet to see it and have been planning to for a long time. There is only one problem: I cannot find it on region 2 DVD, only region 1.
I really desperetely want to see it. Does anybody by any chance have any clips i could download. Its a pain. Ive only seen the trailor and that alone is priceless, the 'hey dennis' bit etc

I love the buk tapes, the two films i am not too crazy about, but BORN INTO THIS strikes me as a must

Please help
Option 1: You can get a multi-region dvd player cheap.
Option 2: Buy Born Into This in region 1 and watch it on your pc with the VCL player, which you can download for free.
Option 3: Buy it in region 1 and burn a multi-region copy you can watch on your dvd player. You can burn a multi-region dvd with Decryptor. You can download Decryptor from the net for free (you can easily find it through Google). That's a neat way to get around the region issue.
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