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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Just rewatched the Born Into This doc this past weekend. I think it is very well done and informative, especially for first timers. It's been a while since i've chatted here too so i look forward to some opinions...

"it's cheaper to die" is a snowplough line. If anybody ever finds themselves in a cocktail party with an economist, throw that line at em, and watch the bullshit get pushed aside.

To me, Bukowski's whole gestalt is tried and true. It's like an herb that you rub up against it and smell better for the rest of the day. Probably how people get addicted :wb: Seeing it on film or hearing audio of how he expresses things definitely hit closer to home that just reading the words, like you said, especially for first timers.

I think it is very well done and informative

seems like undue praise. "The producers found something timeless and managed not to fuck it up" would be my take.
I think it is fantastic. I went into a pretty big Buk hibernation for a lot of years and when I get back to being involved I see this on Netflix as well as a whole bunch of other stuff. It's been awesome getting to dig into all of this material. This DVD is the best Bukowski thing out there. It 's great to be able to see his whole life explained. Did anybody notice that John Watts (is that spelled right) doesn't quite do the timing of the punctuation of the poem he reads. He reads the poem that starts out, "your life is your life" right? It is hard poem to read without a bit of practice. I have that poem hanging up on my refridgerator so I am really familiar with the timing of it. My life sucks right now and that poem is giving me strength to get through this period of stagnation. "the Gods wait to delight in you."
I was way too dismissive before. Just watching this thing again today. Seems like a lot of research went into it, which is respectable. Loved seeing the interview footage with his daughter. The Weissner interview at 1:08 was awesome, the Tom Waits footage at 1:38, the Linda Lee footage talking about Bukowski and his loathing for the cutesy soulless niceness of Disney and Mickey Mouse, all those photos. It's a gem. Well, Bukowski was a gem, but those guys did good work keeping this story going.
right beard. A beautiful docu.

(still you shouldn't miss the one by Taylor Hackford (1972 I think) and (if you understand some German) the first one by Thomas Schmitt ( ca 1976).)

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