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I have started making artistamps. I print them on paper that is gummed (so that you can lick and stick them) and then perforate them on a friend's 100 year old Rosback pin perforator, so they have the look of authentic stamps. That being said, they are not able to be used as postage, but can be added to mail to spice it up...

Here are the ones that I have done so far...


I have done a couple more, but those either are not perforated yet, or have not yet been approved by the subject and photographer. I'd make some of Buk, but have not contacted anyone to secure rights. I'll post more here as I make them. In the mean time, if you want loose stamps, please email me and let me know. I'll send them at no charge. at some point, I'll sell a few full sheets. Also, any items bought from me will have these affixed to the front of the mail...

If anyone has any ideas for other stamps, let me know....



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my genius cannot be contained on a mere postage stamp! how dare you even suggest such a thing!
I'll include him on on my geniuses of Nova Scotia along with Ellen Page... If I can get rights, I' do an all-Canadian issue with Gordon Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Stephen Hines....

Of course, with the shit exchange rate, the US dollar is not worth much anymore. We used to throw away Canadian pennies, but not they're worth more than out dollars!


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