BoSP Book by Father Luke

I just recently, in the last two weeks or so, have become a Father Luke fan.

I'm excited about this and I think it's well deserving.

But what do I know?


Damn. And congratulations to both of you (Bill and F.L.).

I want 2 of each.

Can't you produce more Hardcovers? Broadsides?

How about the "uncorrected proof"? Can I have that?

How about a "corrected proof" with all the blue markings and stuff?

Or maybe a "just glanced at proof but not looked at too closely"?


That's about it.
There are only 10 official lettered hardcovers. If I have luck with making them, maybe I'll get a few presentation copies. Of course, those will go to Mother Luke first...

Yes, I agree that FL will be a big deal. The paperback copies are selling fast and I have not made an announcement to my regular customers. Please e-mail me at if you want any. I can't make any promises once I notify my 300+ people on my mailing list... I'm just sayin.

This is what happens when you leave the computer for a freaking weekend.
I just asked Bill to put me down for a softcover and second print off the hard cover too.
Who'd a thunk, mannon from Shannon
Book now ready for purchase

Hi All,
The paperback edition of the book will ship in a few days. Anyone interested, please paypal the $5 plus $2 shipping worldwide to me at I can also take checks and cash, but ask that you please let me know asap that you are sending so that I don't receive the money and have to return it if this sells out as fast as I think that it will. The hardcovers take a bit more time and will be ready in about 10 days. and are not only sold out, but I have a waiting list, should anyone back out.


Father Luke

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You always remember your first.

I imagine that you have similar
emotional investments in this, your first hard cover.

Congratulations again, Bill.

- -
father luke


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bill, will you be letting people know when to pay for the hardcover, or do you want the moulah now?

the book looks great.
My website has been updated and it is now very easy to order the Father Luke book. I just sent an e-mail to my full mailing list. To order, please go to and click on "order". Otherwise, please e-mail me and have me hold a copy for you. The paperback copies are half sold out now. I don't want to seem like I'm nagging, but I have no problem holding copies for anyone interested. Otherwise, I'm afraid that they will sell out very shortly. I just want to make sure that everyone that is interested on this forum gets a chance....

You know i just got into Father Luke in the last month or so and I almost always check out his poems now on his myspace that he posts pretty regulary and I'm just glad a good guy is getting published and this is just a wonderful thing indeed.

This is what Bukowski was all about.

This is all about what this forum is about.


Father Luke is a great man. He's for real and at the risk of 'chirping' I say more power to him.


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I must be behind the curve. I didn't even see this thread until today, when I got the email on the softcover. Too damned busy, I guess. Congrats, Father Luke. The first hardcover BOSP is a huge thing (well, not physically, I imagine. It's probably small or normal sized at best, but symbolically...)

And congrats to Bill on his first hardcover. Post photos please.

Father Luke

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Little Debbie Snack Cake

Thanks David.

You may not have caught it earlier in the thread, but I'm very happy
for Bill and Bottle of Smoke Press.

For all my adoring fans, listen up:

Debbie Kirk is going to be on the radio.
She's kidnapped my family and emailed me pictures of them being tortured,
and she said I'm supposed to be on the radio with her to prevent any further harm.

Sounds like a fun time.

We'll be on in a week. Here is the link:

Debbie Kirk and Father Luke on the radio

If Little Debbie Snack Cake reads this poast, maybe she will remember to give
my poor mother some water.

You all can phone in to the show and participate.

- -
Father Luke


Usually wrong.
Either one of you would be plenty -- together is unimaginable. Hope it's one of those podcasts you can hear later, in case I'm busy at the time working on my daughter's 1987 LeBaron or building a Lego village for my grandson.

Father Luke

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Yeah, you can hear the podcast later. Of course to be able to
call in and participate you have to be listening. . .

Which leads me to Ponder:

As I understand it, the time is set from your 'puter, so whatever
time you see listed is accurate.

This ought to be an adventure, eh?

Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
World peace and Spiritual healing and she's holding your mother hostage. Oh this is going to be entertaining for sure. Thank God you quit drinking.

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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As I understand it, the time is set from your 'puter, so whatever
time you see listed is accurate.

This ought to be an adventure, eh?

I get 10PM GMT Sunday 17 Feb, does that seem right?


"The law is wrong; I am right"
That's right! Continental Europe is one hour ahead of the UK.

I'll be looking forward to listening to you FL! - First you publish a hard cover book and now you're appearing on radio too! What's next - a book contract with Ecco? :D
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