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I have started using a great email program called Mail Chimp. It is free (although there is a version with more bells and whistles that is not free). It also lets me track who opens emails and what they click on. I have now sent 2 emails with this software. My plan is to wait about a week and then remove anyone from my list that has not even opened the emails. It does not cost me anything to have them on there, but why continue to email people that are not interested. Luckily, I have a really good percentage of people that are interested, so my percentages are already high. Still, it is always a good idea to try to announce books only to people that are interested.

If you are interested in receiving emails from and did not get an email yesterday, then you are not on my email list. There are two ways to correct this:

1) email me with and tell me to add you to the email list.
2) Go here and sign up yourself.

Signing up will let me notify you of upcoming releases before they sell out. BoSP releases, especially hardcover releases tend to sell out fast. I do not send a lot of emails, so I won't bug you. I send up to one a month.

There are flaws in email "opened" reporting, just because of the way email works, and the different ways people read it. Which is a long, boring way of saying that I wouldn't drop anyone from a mailing list based on that report. But that's just me. If they really don't want your mail they will unsubscribe...
I agree with mjp. Let people unsubscribe if they want. Mailchimp gives them a link to do so in every email. It can also drop people from the list if messages to their addresses are hard bounced by their server. So its pretty much self maintaining.

I have set up mailchimp for a couple of local businesses and once you have a nice template or two it seems to really help with promotions.

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