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Hello all,

In an effort to try to reach more customers, I have opened up a bookstore (virtual) on abe, which is one of my favorite places to find books...

I am about halfway through listing everything there. Not only am I duplicating the listings that are on my website, but I have included some very obscure titles that I only have one or two of. These are not worth listing on my website as it takes up a lot of space for just having one copy. Also, I am listing any books/broadsides/etc that I printed/bound, etc for other presses and was given extra copies.

I found a couple copies of Milk 2 and even found a couple copies of the long sold-out MILK 1!

Stay tuned. Adding listings is not too bad. Adding photos is a pain with the iPhone turning photos sideways for no good reason...

I will probably end up with a bit over 200 items in this store. I will also try listing books on etsy and ebay in an effort to sell books....


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