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Bottle of Smoke - I'm a lucky guy! (1 Viewer)

It is a slow time indeed for sellers. It should pick up in the Fall, but it's really brutal right now.
I'll tell you something. When I was making my bid for Bottle #2, I set my maximum to $7.01, but here in Spain we put 7,01 not 7.01, so I just put 7,01 not thinking it twice. You know what eBay does? It changes $7,01 to $700.1!!! So I was really freaked out, hoping there was no last minute sniper willing to pay $100 or something. Luckily, nobody did :D
You can withdraw your bid if you make a mistake like this... better than getting stuck for much more than you're willing or able to pay.

Congrats on the great deals by the way!
Good job Mr Cirereta,
This is indeed a good time to be buying Buk on E-bay....
I'm not listing Buk anymore,

It's time to hunt his ass instead!, and list other.

(Wait till you get that Buddah title that Bill made... funky, but I have the damndest time opening it.... remember Bill?, you even sent me instructions :>>)
Don't be depressed Bill,
It's a nifty little steal for Cirereta,
And this item will be much sought after....
I won't mention the Bush Presidency,
But this is an awful time for artists such as yourself.
All will be made good....
C'mon, Bill, the Bottle of Buddha :D sold out right away! You did an excellent job and, as mjp pointed out, it's a bad time for SELLING B. on eBay, that's all.
I know, but this was also a reason that I stopped selling on ebay. It is a great time to buy, but a piss poor time to sell. That guy that sold this to you, bought that copy of Buddha from me for $60.

Thanks for the compliments, though. There are very few of those out there.

Also, as Zoom Man pointed out, it is a bit tough to open. Once you get thehand of it, it is a breeze, though. I opened 76 of them to make the edition....

All best,
hank, you're right in case you get one item only from this guy since he'll charge you $14 (to Europe). But the three items amounted $18, which means $6 per item, a very reasonable shipping amount per item. My total for the three items was $44 including postage to Spain. And as I said earlier, somebody bought another numbered Buddha copy for $50 -not including shipping- last week. I was just lucky, that's all. I also think it was a bad move on the seller's part to end the auction that day at that time, especially for US buyers: bad timing, I guess.

but, yes, shipping is a killer...
Ebay has sucked royal for me the past few months. Most my auctions don't reach the reserve. A great time to be buying. I see many rare items (not just Buk) go begging. Economy must be dead in the water. Downside: not enough grocery money coming in. Upside: not tempted to sell my most prized books. Still, I hope it picks up, but with the state of the world, I'm not holding my breath on that.
Could be the state of the world has something to do with it, but Summer is typically a slow time on the internet, and even the mighty eBay is not immune to the general trends.

Good time to buy though, for sure. I almost feel though, like there isn't much left that I want to buy. Not that I have everything, far from it, just the things I want to pick up are the expensive early chapbooks that usually don't go begging for bids, even in slow times.
Ebay has been lousy for me since about January. But then I have friends who sell stuff other than rare books, and they're doing great on eBay, so maybe it's not uniformly bad.

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