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i asked bill if i could mention this, because i'm so damn excited about it! it's a one shot book, with a poem that i wrote called "hitched." it may or may not be about rubyred (okay, it's obviously about rubyred).

anyway, now that the cat is out of the bag, i'll let bill fill everyone in on the details, but the book looks damn beautiful. i just signed some colophons last night and will send them back to delaware this weekend.
congratulations jordan.

Psst... When is Bill's anthology due from Chance Press :D
There is also another one that will be released at the same time by Neeli Cherkovski. They should both be at my door at about the same time and ready to ship next week. The books are done, I'm just waiting to get them back signed (in the case of the hardbacks). These are limited to 26 hardbacks and 50 paperbacks. Of this, there are only a handful of the hardbacks and about 25 paper copies left. I have a few patrons that have standing orders for one of everything.

The PB on the left and the HB on the right...


The Author's Copy in Clamshell...

Neeli's paperback...

The prices are as follows:

Hardback: $5
Paperback $3
Please add shipping of $1 in the US and $2 overseas. If you want both Jordan's and Neeli's, just pay for one postage. I am not putting this on the website as they will sell fast at this price. Paypal is the best way to pay ([email protected]) or e-mail me. I'll hold books, but if you just mail me a check without e-mailing, expect that they will all be gone by the time I know that you want one...

Please remember that these each contain one poem. These mini books are about 4" square.


p.s. Maybe Jordan can take a better photo that I can.
bill, any of ol' jordan's HCs left? I'll take one...

and congrats jordan: there ain't no feeling like your words nestled between bill's loving book making hands...
Just received "hitched".
It's a beautiful intimate poem.

Thank you Jordan Hurder & Bottle of Smoke Press.
I too have just received "Hitched". It's a great love poem. I like it very much!
Thanks a lot, Jordan and Bottle Of Smoke Press!
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Got mine today as well. Jordon that is a beautiful poem, and beautifully displayed.
The book covers are really great Bill. Love the paper for the covers.

Truly awesome work.
Got mine a couple weeks ago and promptly lost it in a pile of letters, books, etc..
It surfaced today and I'm glad it did. Beautiful words bound up all nice n' purdy. Outstanding work by all three of you. (Justine the muse, Jordan the scribe, and Bill the binder). Very, very nice !
"Hitched" is a beautiful little poem, just perfect. I couldn't believe it was only a few lines, it was so full, so rich. Glad I got one of the hardcovers -- Bill did his usual great job on it.

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