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And in the end...
It's gone from my local cinema, if I want to see it, will need to jump on the train, there is a showing tomorrow in Edinburgh and that's it. So I'm wondering is worth it?

It has had great reviews. A coming of age story, literally - with the same cast being filmed episodically over 12yrs, starring Ellar Coltrane as the young boy and Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. Has anyone seen it? I couldn't see a previous post on it, but sorry if there is.
Skygazer, did you see Boyhood? The first third or perhaps quarter, I was a dubious viewer of the Blu-Ray. Then, "it kicked in" for me and I loved it.
Yes, a friend put it onto a memory stick for me,I missed it at the cinema. Watching the four of them muddling through,the two adults doing as much growing up as the children. It didn't try to be fancy or clever. The only thing was I spent a lot of time worrying about the step brother and sister left with the drunken bully of a father.

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