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Another tough one, I believe not yet posted...

To me, this is the most memorable short story from Buk, and one of my favourites. While attending university, I took this to a literary course, as a task and surprisingly, most of the cats liked it, even the females. Young teacher made a "critic of the society" point out of it but meh.. my point was made. Besides all the Raymond Chandler bs and the likes, Buk got in there as well.

Never saw the original in print, so thanks immensely for the scans. Gotta find this issue for myself.
The story resembles The Killers from SOUTH OF NO NORTH. Two burglars again, one of them named Harry, entering a rich man's house where a sexy young blonde is lying in bed. In Break-In the blonde is lucky: fucked only once and keeping alive.
Bukowski apparently softened after moving to San Pedro...:)
Thanks for mentioning! I remember now reading it ages ago, recognizing the familiar theme of the story. The Killers though came sooner (in terms of the time when it was published) than Break-In and obviously there has to be more versions of it uncollected. However, I think Break-In was indeed written in 1979 and not earlier. While keeping in mind Larry Flint's already tough audience, Buk seemingly pushed the narrative more toward the edge of extremity and made the story deliberately tougher (while already living in San Pedro). On the other hand, if it was written way before 1979, Break-In might have been too much considering it in the context of South of No North and he might have thought less is more, understandably but I doubt that was the case, rather the previous.

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Officials say drugs may have played a part
I'm not sure if folks know this, but you can still buy the old Hustler issues from their web site... at the risk of blowing someone's deal...


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The first magazine appearances of poems that were later collected in Black Sparrow or Ecco books.
How about "The first magazine appearances of poems and stories that were later collected in Black Sparrow, City Lights or Ecco books"?

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