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Remember the dentist on Seinfeld who had the adult magazines in his waiting room. Of course you remember Malcolm's father on Malcolm in the middle so you need to see Breaking Bad.

If you haven't watched it you need to get the first seasons on netflix and catch up. The only bad thing about the series is AMC piles on the commercials although I like the way they film the show as well as the story.
I just caught up with that one. Next season will be the last they say. I loved the pilot, but I think that the writing has been a bit hit and miss since then and the character developments haven't always rang true. Still its a pretty good show. Worth watching.
Shot here in my home town. And true to much of the cool stuff here (they use local burger and pizza joints as props, etc.). I think they shoot the city/state really well...and the story is pretty darn compelling. I've watched it from the beginning, and really dig it.

Aside: our new Republican governor has butchered the film incentives program, which brought many Hollywood productions here...the new rules definitely figured into the ending of this show. BOO!!!!
I posted elsewhere my liking for this series and misspelled Jesse's name. There's a child dying of starvation at this very moment somewhere in this world and I got perturbed over a typo. Hurray! for my soft buttermilk sensibilities. Would like solo to explain a bit more what he means by the writing being "hit and miss" and the misfire on character development. Seriously doubt the final season will go the way of Disney. Walter White's "I won" will be short-lived I'm troubled to think.

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