Brian Epstein - Inside The Fifth Beatle (1 Viewer)


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Brian Epstein - Inside The Fifth Beatle

You don't actually get to go inside of him, but it's a pretty good documentary about the Beatles manager.

Also on that site are a bunch of other documentaries, including loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies, and about a million other documentaries that you never heard of.
outstanding site! i'll plan to waste many hours there.

btw how many "fifth beatles" were there anyway - off the top of my head
there's george martin, murray the k, neil aspinal, billy preston, derek taylor and
of course the ever humble bernard perdie who assures us that HE was the drummer on a
number of early beatles records.

anyways, great link
Thanks for the link! The site said, "There's no videos available at this time. Please check back later". Hmmm.
I think it's the same Brian Epstein docu I taped from TV a few years ago. It's actually quite good.
I gotta check out the other docu's there when they get available again (could it be it's a video site for US viewers only?)
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Yes, I think it's a regional thing because I just tried watching two of their other docu's and the same text popped up. Oh well, it's not the first time I've stumbled upon a regional video site for US viewers only but it sure is annoying.
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There is "availability" information in the "about" section for each video. So while the U.S. and Canada (indicated by national flags) can get the Epstein movie I can't get the Led Zeppelin doc as it only has an American flag beside it. The Pixies doc, however, is available worldwide (hooray!) but not Bettie Page (boo!).

(The ads leading into the ones I can see are irritating but, then again, most ads are.)
Thanks, Digney! Now I get it. So at least I can watch the 'worldwide' doc's. Hopefully, there's some good doc's among them.
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