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"..Bukowski I didn't know very well…But I gave a reading with him, a number of years ago. About ten I think, with Gary Snyder and (Lawrence) Ferlinghetti. It was in Santa Cruz to raise money for Americans that were busted in Mexico and who were being held for ransom in Mexican jails, the corrupt system….So we did a benefit in Santa Cruz and someone made a bomb threat in the middle of the reading while I was on stage. And I was singing the blues so I started improvising that it was time to leave the hall because of the bomb threat, and since we didn't want to wind up dead we might as well get up and get out into the open air….So, it was in a sort of blues form, and Bukowski read, he had just read. And for every poem he drank a shot, so after he had read eight poems he was really out of it. Then we had a big party afterwards and he was so drunk that his pants started falling down while he was on the dance floor. But he came over to me and said, "Ginsberg, you're a good man". He was such a grumpy old man."

That was the 2nd Santa Cruz Poetry Festival on Nov 25, 1974.
The magazine Berkeley Barb had the aftershow-party on their cover:


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