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Sordide Sentimental

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I have seen this film a few hours ago in the theatre and highly recommend it to all the John Keats lovers: his romance with Fanny Brawne is depicted with that grace peculiar to Jane Campion and poetry is omnipresent. I guess Bright Star will be my film of the year.

... Ben Whishaw as John Keats is the perfect incarnation of the 19th century male in all his splendour.


I want the same!
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Hot? I would use this word for the whores posing in men's mags, not for Ben Whishaw embodying John Keats.
She would have been hotter without the boa. ;)

I have read today that the release of Bright Star has highly increased the number of sales of John Keat's books in France (this sentence doesn't look very English...). That is rare enough to be mentioned, since poetry unfortunately remains an underrated genre. A happy news that made me smile for the rest of the day. :)
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