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This short story is awesome! Not too mention the detail of Gloria, and her outstanding bipolarism...(if thats a word)
The graphics are great. Why didn't Buk do the graphics? (curious)

She began to cry. "why didn't you bring me chocolates?"
"Gloria, you told me you hated chocolates."
Her tears rolled down profusely. "I don't hate chocolates! I love chocolates!"
Robert Crumb

I should have asked more of a straight forward question about Robert Crumb.
How did they meet?
How many books has he illustrated for Bukowski?
Was it just a work relationship or were they buddies?
Also The Captain is Out to Lunch...
I'm pretty sure they weren't buddies. I don't even know if they met, if they did I'm sure it was very brief.
I wonder if Crumb asked Buk for a piggyback ride?
wasn't there something in the sounes bio about crumb and buk meeting at a party sometime? or maybe it was a letter by buk about meeting him and not knowing who he was? maybe i'll try to look it up later and post again
yes, pg. 125 in the sounes bio, buk met crumb at a party at lizza williams house, buk tells crumb "you know your stuff is good kid, its the real thing. just stay away from the cocktail parties"
The Captain Is Out To Lunch And The Sailors Have Taken Over The Ship.

p.s. I knew that. lol
This arrived on Thursday or maybe Friday.
Naturally, I loved it.
The illustrations are fantastic, particularly the cover.
So far Buk is 2 for 2.
Just for the record: Crumb also illustrated Bukowski's story Bop Bop Against That Curtain (from South of No North). It was published in Arcade, Fall 1975 No. 3.
Digney in Burnaby posted a link to it some time ago. It still works :).

I like how Crumb got Buk:

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