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Does anyone know the print runs of BSP later printings of hardbacks?

Also, how often did BSP reprint hardbacks? For instance, Post Office is repprinted in hardback in 23rd printing (blue backcloth) and 26th printing (black backcloth).
My guess is that John Martin has records for this, but not sure how willing he would be to dig all of this out.

My understanding was that they reprinted them when they ran out, so there are some years that are available in some printing, but not all. For example, SONN 1st Edition was 1973, but the second printing is 1975, I'm not sure how long it was until the third printing, but you would expect that the stretches got longer until 1987 and then with Barfly, probably sped up...

As Buk got more famous (mainstream famous, that is), they probably printed them more often.

As far as the cloths, it seems that there are many variants. I once had a beat up copy of LIADFH with aqua spine. I think that another member here has one with the Aqua spine. I get the impression that when the bookbinder made a couple extra, in some cases with different spines. These may have been overrun copies above the announced limitations.

Hey, this would make a fun acronym game. SONN got me to thinking, as that took a few seconds, even though I had the year, 1973. LIADFH took even a bit more. Of course, I can be dumb as paint at times.


Of course, whose are easy because they're so long.

How about W, or H, or ATAITWAM.

Carry on. Just amusing myself, I suppose.
B was a good novel, but I likes F better. PO was even better than F & B.

H is my least favorite, although a few people will disagree.

those exceptions are fairly common- i've seen LIADFH with red corduroy, black cloth, and turquoise cloth; the bibliography with green or black cloth; some paul bowles books with various spine colors for the same edition - it definitely varied.

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