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more crickets than friends
Anyone seen this movie? I was at the Johnny Ramone celebration this past Saturday at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. There were plenty of actors/musicians walking around but EVERYONE, and I mean T.V. crews and journalists were falling all over this dude Vincent Gallo. I had no idea who he was, so I had to be told. Anyway, everyone kept saying Buffalo 66? is the movie to see?

Anyone seen it?
I recall it being pretty good, but since I don't recall too much about it (Buffalo, insanity and Christina Ricci is about it), it must not have meant too much to me. Had it on DVD and it seems to not have come along for the move.
It was a pretty good movie. A crazy story that impressed upon me how many people are way too obsessed with the Buffalo Bills.
It is funny to me that Terrel Owens is on the Bills now. My apology to our non American football fans but if you knew the whole silly drama of Terrel Owens and the constantly coming up short of the Buffalo Bills it would make some sense. The movie does have more going on than just the loser team.
Are you serious? It really has something to do with the Buffalo Bills? Hmmm...I'll have to check it out. I'll tell you the truth... I have had a crush on Rose Mcgowan forever and she was there, so I was all stalker-like with her all night...but she was super cool... However it seemed like everyone else there, man and woman was madly in love with this Vincent Gallo fella. Anyway, I really want to check the movie out now. From what I have discovered online, he was a friend of Johnny Ramone, so that would be the reason why he was there I guess.

Funny, I just watched the trailer. Kinda weird, but I like ALL THINGS WEIRD. Anyway, Rosanna Arquette is also in the movie, and she also was strutting around the event. Very gracious, took pictures with us. Well, I asked for a picture with Linda Ramone, and Rosanna was with her, so I asked her to, and she was really cool.

Weird the people Johnny Ramone kept as friends. I mean, I don't think you would have ever caught Dee Dee or Joey chilling with Rose Mcgowan and Nicholas Cage, but Johnny had quite a few hollywood friends, apparently.
classic opening scene with the bathroom hunt.
And line after line stuck in my brain...
span time..
you pointin' that knife at me?
the goon ,the bowling,the boots
what a movie
i saw buffalo 66 when i was 19 and was HUGELY impressed with it. but then again i was 19 and pretty much impressed by anything 'indie'. plus, back then i had no idea who vincent gallo was. now i think his reputation (as a nutjob) generally precedes him, and somewhat overshadows his work.
He's done just about everything in the arts and I believe he was even a model for Calvin Klein for a bit. I've got one of his albums which I like, but I think most people will find a bit ridiculous in its whimsy.

He's acted in a fair few indie films which vary in quality, though I seem to remember The Funeral being quite good. I haven't seen it but the last film he directed (Brown Bunny) was supposed to be cack.

Oh, and Buffalo 66. I liked it, the washed out film stock adds an ethereal quality. Ricci was great and Gallo has a certain madness that works. I remember reading an interview in the Guardian (UK) with him and they asked how he managed to get Anjelica Huston to appear in the film, he replied something along the lines of, well, I paid her $250,000 for three days work. Made me laugh.
Last night, I watched Buffalo 66 for the 3rd time.
It has been one of my favorite films ever. I had the flash that he would also be a good Bukowski impersonator. Ricci was really great in her role , walking around with her tap dancing shoes.
You can also see Rourke before he started going under the surgeon's knife.;)
its a great film. i love BUFFALLO 66 and THE BROWN BUNNY.

gallo was great in ARIZONA DREAM too. he could easily have become a big movie star with his looks.
Well I finally saw this film and must say I loved it. Watched it last Sunday, then again last night. I've now seen two Gallo films, seems he might get on the nerves of some. The girl I watched Brown Bunny with thought it wasted 90 minutes of ours, but I thought it was pretty well done. Buffalo 66 definitely has more of a story line, plot if you will so if you haven't seen it, check it out!
One of my faves. Is this a shifter car? Christ! I'm laughing just thinking about it. Some good cameos in it: Jan-Michael Vincent (always like him), Rourke, Rosanna Arquette. Ricci looked her best here with a little meat on her bones (IMO). Great chemistry between Ricci and Gallo, too. Though I believe Ricci hated Gallo by the end of the film-shoot.
Ha, yeh like reasonknot said, it leaves you with some classic lines and the two Gallo films I've seen have left me thinking he's a lot like the character he portrays. Maybe because he also directed both of the films. I also read a pretty funny story about him and Marilyn Manson being really good friends which inspired Manson to paint a portrait of Gallo, which Gallo accepted as a gift, then turned around and gave it away due to some falling out with Manson. Apparently Gallo then wrote a personal letter describing how he gave the painting to someone giving them the permission to sell the painting. I saw it on eBay, it had a minimum bid of $25,000.00 bucks so not sure if it sold or not, but he seems like kind of a prick/weirdo, but when I saw him at the Johnny Ramone funeral thingy he was super cool to everyone, so who knows.

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