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This is not a joke! I am genuinely interested if anyone knows anything of Buk's opinions/experiences of Alcoholics Anonymous. Apart from the obvious reaction that he would have found it a joke, I believe Hank was too intelligent to dismiss such an organization. I don't recall him mentioning it in any of his poems/stories. I personally hate the cult of AA. I guess I am hoping that my hero, Hank was of similar mind. Perhaps he never bothered with it. if any of you good people are thinkng about it. DON'T. An alcoholic death would be far more preferable to the slavery of the 12 steps.
OK sermon over. I would be glad to hear other people's opinions on this.
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He didn't consider his drinking to be a problem that needed to be solved, so it's unlikely he ever tried any organized methods of quitting.

Read a dozen poems taken at random from any period of his life and you'll probably read in one of them that he was not a joiner of groups of any kind.

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