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Buk and Fante For Sale (1 Viewer)

I've just listed some interesting titles on e-bay, seller name mdb123davis. I've got a nice HC/DJ BSP 12th printing of You Get So Alone Sometimes, John Fante's Dreams From Bunker Hill, 1st BSP Trade HC/DJ (this is the fourth in the Arturo Bandini saga); His son Dan Fante's collected poems: A gin-pissing-raw-meat-dual-carburetor-v8-son-of-a-bitch-from Los Angeles (this is a signed limited #15 of 226 illustrated with art by Michael Napper); Paul Bowles' Midnight Mass, BSP 5th printing HC/DJ (collection of stories); and Alfred Chester's Exquisite Corpse, 1st Ed. Check em out. Great starting prices. Mark

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