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I know that this has come up before, so apologies. I am considering presenting a paper on Buk and the Beats. Do you guys have leads or thoughts about Buk's relations to the Beats? Sources, comments, quotations, ideas all welcome!

(Sorry I've been away for a while - personal circumstances etc.)
Well, my German is pretty shaky....
Hmmm, looks like this subject has been pretty well covered already. I'm not sure I can add much to a subject that has already had at least one book written on it. (That is, without original research in archives I don't have access to.)
Anyway, thanks for letting me know how things stand. :(
This is late Joseph K and you may already presented your paper, but if not, came across this poem today, where Chinaskii is giving a poetry reading at Santa Cruz with them Nov 1974, it's referred to in this thread started by PhillyDave, which you may have seen:

PD's Thread

and the manuscript of 4 Christs:

it's also the one where Linda King gives a poertry reading too apparently, according to her book.

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