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Greetings everyone. I've weighed in with a couple of posts without any introduction so here goes. I'm a 40 yo Australian, an English teacher, and, worse, I'm teaching for cash in Saudi Arabia. Sordid as this sounds, I hope the means justify the end - ie, to get out of the rat race asap.

I got into the great man back in the mid-90's after seeing the movie Tales of Ordinary Madness. I bought many of his books but a nomadic lifestyle and the need to travel light means they're no longer with me. Reading this forum reminds me how much I need them - especially now.

I made a pilgrimage to East Hollywood and Delongpre St in 1999. I think I saw his pad (it certainly matched the description) but the numbers given in Screams weren't consistent. I see on the Timeline there are 2 addresses listed for Delongpre so I guess that explains it.

I chose the name 'puke' for no special reason but I remember him explaining that 'Buk' is pronounced 'puke.' The signature is from 'Torched Out,' a poem that saved my ass a few years ago. I love the way it almost celebrates the horrors of a shitty job and home life.

My first book was Women. For that reason, I guess, it remains my favourite.

I've read most of the posts (lots of spare time here) and I'll go back to them again no doubt. Great site, thanks.


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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I've read most of the posts (lots of spare time here) and I'll go back to them again no doubt. Great site, thanks.
Welcome to the monkey house puke!
Don't be afraid to bring up old posts. I find it harder and harder to keep up with everythng new and the backlog keeps growing.:rolleyes:
Is Buk known over there?
cirerita, I haven't met any Bukowski fans in the 4 years I've been Saudi. Then again I don't really socialise here so, who knows, they might be out there somewhere.
Not to be a stickler here, but on one of his tapes, B used to pronounce his name not as Buk as in Puke, but as "Bookowski as in "bootie call" or "glue." (Now I can sleep in peace tonight.)



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The way he usually pronounced his name didn't incorporate the "u" at all, it was B'kowski. But if he dragged it out, yes, it was "Bookowski." But the nickname "Buk" was pronounced, according to Bukowski, like "puke."
poptop, did he say his full name or the abbreviated buk?
I tried a google on this. not much there but these:
"'Buke,' rhymes with 'puke'" as he liked to put it," and "Not Buck as in fuck, but Buke as in puke" and "If you think you don't like poetry, try some "Buke the Puke," as he refers to himself." The 2nd one is the one I think I read.


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He signed his letters "Buk". He did'nt use it in real life. In real life he was "Hank".I think he says so in one of his letters ...
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