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Buk + Crumb on eBay (1 Viewer)

one of the books to go up soon is a first hardcover trade edition of you get so alone... figured i'd mention it given your avatar and username.
okay, check the link again, since I added a bunch of new stuff. it's mostly comics and dave eggers stuff, but there are a couple first printing bukowski hardcovers that found their way in there as well.
swing and a miss. just relisted a bunch of items with lower prices. if they don't sell now, i'll probably just hang onto them for now and try again another time.
okay, quick question... is anyone interested in the following five books + $440 (not including shipping)? All are trade hardcover first printings.
-There's no business
-Love is a dog from hell
-Betting on the Muse
-Hot Water Music
-You Get So Alone...

Someone on eBay offered me $440 for the lot, and I'm inclined to take it... I think it's much less than these books are "worth," although they've been up on eBay at higher prices a number of times and not sold, so I think I need to revise my expectations down. Either that or get REALLY patient - which I most certainly am not. So yeah, I think it's a screamin deal for these five, but I'd much rather sell off eBay and save myself the seller fees in the process. So if you're interested, let me know in the next few days and they're yours. Also feel free to make me an offer on individual titles. Thanks!

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