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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"


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That's the red horse from an old Mobile gas station like in at least one of his poems or stories about the light from the red sign shining into the cheap hotel room.-on that Buk poster.
it's about an AC/DC-concert.

Isn't the next one along about AC/DC? Maybe you were joking :D

I sense that the poster is connected to ponder's post:

Ponder said:
"Buk", a Dutch play in theatres all over the country.

Good spot on the Mobil horse GHKL.

"We turned off the lights and sat there and drank and smoked and talked about things. this, and that, easy and casual, then, like old times, we looked at the same red horse that flew and flew in red neon on the side of a building just downtown to our east. it flew and flew on the side of this building all night. no matter what happened. you know what it was, a kind of red horse with red wings of neon. but I told you that. a winged horse. anyhow, like always, we counted: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. the wings always flapped 7 times. then the horse, everything, stood still, then, it started again. our whole apartment would be in this red glow. then when the horse stopped flying, somehow things would get white for a flash. I don't know why. I think that it was caused by an advertisement beneath the red winged horse. it said, some kind of product, buy this or buy that, in this WHITE. anyhow. we sat and talked and drank and smoked. later we went to bed together. she kissed very nicely, her tongue was kind of an apologetic sadness. then we fucked. we fucked as the red horse flew. 7 times the wings flapped.. and in the center of the rug the 3 chickens were still there. watching. the chickens turned red, the chickens turned white. 14 times they turned red. then they turned white. 21 times they turned red. then they turned white. 28 times - it had ended a better night than most."

- 3 Chickens
Pegasus, the Horse of the Muses...I always wondered whether old Barbet put Pegasus on purpose in that scene in "Barfly" with the neon Pegasus at the gas station...That image was all over LA when I was kid back in the Fifties and Sixties...
Isn't the next one along about AC/DC? I feel that the poster is connected to ponder's post here.

I see! So the BUK poster is a poster for the Bukowski play. Makes sense.
I was in Cathedral City (near Palm Springs) yesterday and there was a Mobil gas station with the flying red horse sign. It was not neon but it made the point and had the spirit.

Thank you Johannes for writing out the story I vaguely remembered.
I don't even remember that story. But then, I last read ERECTIONS, EJACULATIONS etc. circa 1972. Maybe it's due for a reread. Thanks for posting. Nice passage. I, too, recall the red horse signs from my L.A. childhood.

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