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post your art here.:)

Here is my freshest piece. pencil drawing finished yesterday.
Entitled: I Jus Had Me a Brain Storm

Thanks Purple stickpin!
been in bit of a slump making any fine art. I bought a tablet with an app called 3D paint so I have been doing some art with the computer. The nice thing with modern technology is that the art tools they have now are very good at looking like real hand tools. The oil paint tool actually looks wet and the crayon tool has texture like a crayon. The pencil tool can be soft and thin or thick and heavy. I was starting a Restaurant Menu called Basketcase. It has Loony tunes characters because i was getting back into watching them for a while.

Hi Sophia, I like your sketchbook drawings. I think I especially like the Lifeguard's post shack, or whatever they're called. The ladder/steps coming off of it, and how the rest is self contained in the black pen, It's really cool. I like the little flags hanging off the top, left side too. That, in itself, would make a great painting. I mean, I like it there, in your sketchbook the way it is, and for what it is. I was just imagining it a tad bigger by itself. :wb:
I like to grow weed and Scrog it, here is my zombie scrog screen.


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