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I am new in this forum. I am asking help from any possible italian viewers. I am looking for partial translation of buk's work. to put it bluntly, I am asking for any info about internet database, or possible downloads of buk's poems or quotes in the italian language. if someone got any recommendation about books in print his remarks are also welcome. the problem is that such an order could take a serious amount of time to reach me, so I prefer other solutions. If you have anything scanned already, you can send it to me via email. I would be obliged anyway. thanks in advance, although I know this is a long-shot.
I'm visiting Rome right now, and every bookstore I have gone into has had at least half a dozen Bukowski books. I bought some of the poetry ones, since they have the English across from the Italian. I was surprised, though, that they had so much more than most of the bookstores back home.

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