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Probably not in high schools, but maybe in some public colleges when a hip teacher is present. Even though a majority of Buk's poems are more than acceptable to be read by minors, I can imagine that the local PTAs would lose it on the idea that it would make their kids want to read "women" or other non-puritanical literature.

I rememebr in high school we were taught about poetry and were told about Poe, Dickinson, Frost, etc. All of those poets that kids normally do not take a liking to were the ones that we were told about. never anything that would inspire us to read for FUN...

haha yes the "greats" have a way to put us to sleep, though i must say i am still a frost and poe fan.

interesting isn't it, that our kids are "allowed" to read one reclusive alcoholic over another?
And don't knock the great Emily! Still the smartest American poet ever, in my knuckleheaded opinion. I get your drift, Bill.

But it may take a certain maturity that those in high school may lack.

Not to say that Buk was low-brow, but it is certainly easier for the non academic to understand than Emily.


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