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The Wormwood website has been posted here before. A fine production of several members, especially chronic, who got it all down on the ether. But new members come along and miss some of the older posts, and some of us old folks forget what a fine publication Wormwood was and what we may have read about it. For a really great read, even if you've read it before, check out:

thanks for the reminder, PS! i only have the special buk issues, but they are indeed top notch, as is the website dedicated to wormwood.


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
At that time, Larsen and Bukowski were friendly rivals and frequent correspondents, so it was easy for me to get Bukowski's address and send him complimentary copies of Wormwood (probably issues 5 and 6) without comment. Poems were received for consideration-also without comment. In issue 7 (October 20, 1962), Bukowski made his debut with "Thank God for Alleys."

It's interesting to go back in time and re read Thank God for Alleys.


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