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As an homage to two of my favorite artists (our hero BUK and Ivan Albright the painter) I made this. It is about 40 x 30 inches, oil on canvas, and the title is "HO-ho".


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If I can be blunt, I think that you have a remarkable talent for making things looks very realistic (and crazy realistic) with paint (the folds in the velvet jacket on the right arm come to mind - fantastic). Excellent job. The problem is, I don't like it.

But no matter my taste. I think it's a fine piece of work that I would care not to have on my wall.
I like it. Sorta creepy in a cute dismembered sausage kind of way. Think I'll show it to my 4 year-old and tell him that this is what awaits him if he doesn't stay in his goddamned bed all night.
It looks like the serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, in his clown outfit...:eek:
It's very well painted, though!
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Yes, as avocations go, I am pleased with it...I can absolutely understand if individual tastes and preferences are repelled. I've done many paintings and they are, of course, received in many ways. I DO, though, attempt always to pair the act (action, activity - event) of applying the paint with a suitably "literate" narrative. If my paintings could be engulfed all at once through the eyes, as a vignette, I would feel I had gone about the whole thing just fine.

I appreciate all commentary.
It look's like Jack Nicholson's Joker, brought to the 2000s. I dig it, scribs. Immensely nice work. I'd buy that if I wasn't financially strained.
Well, Scribbler, I guess I will share my opinion , as everyone else did :
Honestly, I am terrified to clowns, and strangly, I love this peice.
Yes, it creeped me out a little bit, HA. But, it's a great peice of work.
Honestly, if I had the money, I would buy that off of you, but unfortuantly, I would have to hang it in my room, and I am pretty sure I would wake up every 3 seconds and scream.
But yes, as everyone else said, you used great detail, and made it look very life-like!
Oh no worries, its not for sale...just for discussion. Its useful to get the responses of like-minded individuals. Discourse fuels enthusiasm like chops of meat fuel your muscles. And cyber-chatting allows you to talk, or expound, or preach, or pontificate or argue...all with your mouthful.
Twisted and fun, bro.

Been meaning to ask, got sidetracked "” but what is reflecting (on what looks like cut aquamarine) on the blade? A cityscape? From the book? And is the yellow on the blade a piece of petal from the daisy? The multiple light sources are intriguing. I won't even ask where the end of the cut bratwurst is...:eek:

And next time you are going to paint my BUKnet persona, please ask my permission. LOL. And make sure it is giving the middle finger "” even if it's subtle. Just like my last sentence.

Cool work.

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As it is always important for me to work at the threshold of my abilities, I managed to get some images in my profile. This machine has me shoving at walls, becoming a better man.
Theres some more arty stuff there...and whatnot.
Wow. sribbler, when you mentioned before that you were drinking and welding I thought you might be a sculptor. Those are some impressive pieces. The giant red screw is pretty strong.

I think this painting is the best.
As I see it, just because you ended up alive doesn't mean you were ever really here. Life is bigger than Art but Art is the path to authenticity. The regular hard work and general sustaining are enough to keep anyone busy. But it will be the rarer episodes that advantage our mutant consciousness that will validate us. So, between the feeding, the fueling, the shingling of the house, the "business", the earned on unearned respite, the dalliances, the wastfulness, the efficiencies and the general whiling-away of instances - a few exceptional things can get accomplished. And these will have nothing to do with the pretenses and participatings required by the ants at your heels. Sometimes you can reflect upon one of your more unexpected efforts and feel real... be real. THAT must occur. Other than that, me...I'm perfectly satisfied cutting a 25-ton boiler tank into little pices and rewarding myself at the end of the job with a whole damned meat-lovers supreme accompanied by an oversized and overfortified vessel of malt liquor.

So for me, like many of us here on this board, some Art gets done.
we used to have a saying, "how long does the screw turn?" mine lasted 4-6 years, depending upon perception....i prefer the sculpture "” and i'm waiting for my pm backstory on that one; or post it here; whatever works best for you, Iron Man. And let us all know, where the fuck do you put something like that? curious in super bowl land...
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Scribbler, if not for the clown make-up and dismembered sausage, I would be more inclined to think of Buk than John Wayne Gacy. But that's me, I suppose.

It's a right fine painting otherwise. Well done in detail and form. Perhaps not the most pleasing I've beheld, but it still evokes a strong feeling.

Maybe that's all any artist can hope for, eh? I think I'd enjoy seeing what else you may post.
Large sculptures find their way eventually into parks, art centers and private collections,etc. They are the result of a lifelong obsession with the claiming, re-claiming and accumulating of impossible discarded material. The Art begins with that first unlikely action...the one where I somehow get the stuff back to my boneyard. Composition, assembly, manipulation, fabrication and fastening - my entangleings with it all - occur quite spontaneously, driven by what is at hand (in the pile). I know the thing is done when the pull of the next one has usurped my attention. I work alone on these , no matter how ungainly. Another set of dirty hands would only try to make decisions, no matter who the boss is. And its never Art when two consciousnesses get involved. Compromise occurs...turns it into a "job".

But this matter I am matched against daily exacts a fee, paid in flesh and blood. So there are, fortunately, other art forms (painting, poetry, music) to be gleaned of their illumination down the road. But for now, I am a sore loser, determined to wreck every deteriorating ball joint rattling inside me in hopes of rendering undeniable that which was once just junk.

The manipulation, assembly and constant composition of glorious junk (experiences) has much to do with the Art of our hero Buk. His boneyard was as lavish with discard as mine, and as yielding of pertinence as I've ever seen...and he kept it all packed in his brain. Amazing.
Well scribbler you make some good points in that post, in particular, the tie into Bukowski and his writing from his own boneyard.
I like this line and people have made this point here on this forum a few times.:
I work alone on these , no matter how ungainly. Another set of dirty hands would only try to make decisions, no matter who the boss is. And its never Art when two consciousnesses get involved. Compromise occurs...turns it into a "job".
Very well said. I think a bi-polar artist might struggle due to that.
Scribbler - The clown appears to be startled by a visitor. A little embarassed by his surroundings and trying to recover some dignity, maybe. At least that's what I see.

Posts #16 and # 20 are among the best I've read here. Glad you joined us.
Our man Buk was not necessarily just about the elevating or the subliming or the celebrating of the "ordinary", mundane or altogether undesirable. He was a dissector of betwixt instances, an articulator of shunned triflings and a lone reveler at the event of a sluggish disaster.

His works make you aware that there isnt really a hierarchy of happenings, that pertinence, humor and fulfillment can come from anyplace...if you're fortified enough to take it.

And Buk is a fortifier.

When you are fully such empowered you will know how to ready yourself for chains of awakenings that quite go-on forever. There will never again be a time that you cannot get yourself smilingly nourished. You will be able to amuse yourself by the activities of all the ants as much as you will be able to amuse yourself by your own, now reluctant, inclusion among them.

This painting is 10 feet x 12 feet, oil on tarpaulin. it is titled "Utility Pole # 2"


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