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Fan of Bukowski for quite a few years now, but just the other day it occured to me that I might actually find some old interviews, and interesting clips on the net, so I went to youtube and had a poke around and found all sorts of neat stuff. Readings, interviews, drunken ramblings etc. First time I ever heard Buk's voice, or seen him in other than a still photo. There was one interview though in which he's sitting on a couch with his future wife Linda and they are both drunk and talking about living with other people, and Linda says that she intends to always live with other people and a misunderstanding erupts. I'm pretty sure she was referring to "living with people" in general as in part of society and not being a recluse, but the Buk is on another page totally and thinks she's talking about slutting around and living with other men. Anyways, he gets mad and starts kicking her across the couch and cussing her out in a bizzare fashion and she moves offscreen and can't be seen, but Buk isn't finished and goes charging after her. Lol. You can hear the interviewer mutter "oh oh." It doesn't seem to be a set up thing, and is likely real and spontaneous but what I was wondering is if anyone has seen this or knows more about the specifics, the who and when of it so I can hunt up the rest of the interview.
Ahhhh, thanks for the lead. For anyone else who is interested in seeing the clip, I didn't think to add it in my original post so here it is.
That scene has been labelled The Slapping Scene by some and is discussed over here.

The Bukowski Tapes have their own section here.
Thanks for the replies. I had come back and posted a link to the altercation but I see that post has disapeared, or maybe I just didn't post it right since I was as drunk as a Bukowski. Is it not OK to post a link? It was just a short clip of perhaps a minute or less of the "slapping scene" as you say it's called. Lol
I HATE watching that scene. Buk acts and sounds like a big fucking bitch! Ugh! It took me a long time to forget about that. Buk's voice when you're not prepared is also something of a surprise.
He said, or wrote somewhere, that his voice changed. It was after he was
hospitalized. Anyone else remember reading, or hearing that?

Oh yes, I remember him writing that he started to talk slower after the bleeding ulcer case, if you mean that. And he always said he wasn't the same after that.

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