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I have a list of Bukowski items from almost 20 years of collecting -- mag appearances, books & chapbooks, broadsides, etc -- that I'm selling. Please contact me for a copy of the list. And/or send me your want list.

I have a lot of Bukowski mag. appearances: 50's through the 90's, most of the BSP broadsides and some others, many of the BSP books, some foreign-language editions, a bunch of uncut book covers from BSP, one signed single-page manuscript, most of the BSP new year's greetings, a number of recordings, ephemera, matchbooks, etc.

I'm selling because I have too many things: books, prints, paper, printing equipment, etc...
Printing equipment I have includes Vandercooks, C&P's, paper cutters, book press, cabinets of handset type, galley racks, cuts, and lots of books..
Ah, if I had room for a Vandercook...

I have a little 5x8 platen press, but the sheer volume of stuff you need in order to print is the same no matter what the size of the press is. Heh. Do you do it for a living, print your own work??

The ephemera includes new title announcements, flyers, and postcards from Black Sparrow Press. As for the matchbooks, BSP did a series of 3 match books with Bukowski 'poems' on them titled DARK NIGHT POEM, A DEAD ROMANCE, and MY FATE. I also have a match book from Germany (text in German) with the title BUKOWSKI AT HIS BEST...

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