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We know from video, that Bukowski usually didn't read from his books when he gave public readings. He read from sheets of paper.

Now the tantalizing question:
What were those papers?

I find it quite unlikely, it were the manuscripts or carbons. Also I don't think xerox-copies were so common in the early to late 70s. I find it equally unlikely, that he took the effort of re-typing them for a reading. Maybe he got lose sheets from print-run-overs of books?

We also know, that sometimes at a live-reading, he read other versions than we know from books/manuscripts. (e.g. 'The Crunch' or 'Style')

You sure get, where this question aims at:
is it possible, that there ARE different versions from Bukowski's own hand, that haven't been published before his dead?

And even if there wasn't, it's still interesting what sheets of paper he was reading from, right?
Does anybody know?
Maybe one of the cats here, who knew him back in the 70s or one of you detective-scholars?
I find it quite unlikely, it were the manuscripts or carbons. I find it equally unlikely, that he took the effort of re-typing them for a reading.
Really? I think it is very much likely that they were either carbons or re-typings. I think he re-typed poems more than we might imagine. He certainly kept copies of everything, as there are many examples of him reusing poems with slight alteration.
If he used original manuscripts - where did he get them? Were they sent back to him by the publishers?
Also, I guess, the manuscripts would look much more beat-up than they apparently do, if he used them for readings (sometimes even more than once).

If he re-typed them - why don't we have any different ('original'-)manuscripts from the same poems? (by 'original' I mean "from his own hand") Why would he be so aware of the value of his typed poems to sign&date them and then throw away all duplicates by his own hand which would be of certain value too?

And if they exist - wouldn't that be a hint, that it's at least possible, that there also exist more different versions of poems all from his hand?

I'm asking into that direction to get total, undeniable evidence, that certain changes of poems we've seen, can not be made by Bukowski himself in one way or another. You know, a kind of Karl-Popper-way of falsification to proof that it must have been another person than Bukowski himself.

I was hoping, that some cats here, who attended his readings in the 70s would know.
The two times I saw Bukowski read live (neither was filmed, as far as I know), he read from sheets of paper that looked like either original manuscript pages or carbons. They didn't look like loose sheets from book print overruns. Photocopies were fairly common in the 70s. I think we got our first Xerox machine at the library at CSULB in the late 60s to early 70s. That is the same period during which I saw him read -- once in the late 60s and again in the early 70s (1970 to 72).

I'm going from memory here. Somewhere I have notes with more precise dates.
Well, only as good as my memory. Memory is a tricky thing. That's my impression: that he didn't read from a book, but it wouldn't surprise me too much if a photo surfaced from either time I saw him read, showing him holding a book or magazine. I do recall seeing him shuffling through what looked like sheets of typing paper.

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