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  1. If Bukowskis novels were to be used as the basis for another movie, which book do you think it should be?
    After reading Post Office for the 7th time i'd enjoy an interpretation of that on screen some hilarious and saddening moents throughout.
    After Factotum which was a puzzling affair, Matt Dillon, was good but didn't look the part at all, personally Sean Penn would be my choice, he'd put his soul in it.
    what was everyone elses opinion on Factotum (Movie)?
  2. I said some time ago that Ham on Rye would make great movie about the times prior to the WWII, of the member(s) of the 'greatest generation' that never went to the war.
  3. ham on rye, would make an interesting movie, be quite a staggering piece if they did it to perfection, director, casting etc
  4. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    The Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges or Jack Nicholson but we've had this discussion five or six times.

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