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Buk mss. for sale to kiss the worms goodnight (1 Viewer)

In 1966 Bukowski sent me several poems and a drawing which I published in various issues [1, 2 & 3] of The Avalanche, a magazine I published for a few years in the sixties. I never used this poem, so it didn't go into the archives at the Bancroft Library at U.C. Berkeley. It is an unsigned, undated carbon on two pages of yellow paper with his DeLongpre Avenue address. Please make an offer.
It is unsigned and undated, but Bukowski sent it to me in early 1966. I am technology challenged and will have to get one of my kids to scan it, which I will do as soon as I can. It's 2 pages on yellow paper, a carbon copy but clear and dark letters. It has his name at the top left with his DeLongpre address, and the poem's title is all lower case. If someone buys it I will write them a letter of authenticity.
I am a digital immigrant [not my native language] and I am about to attempt posting first one page then the second page of the poem.

It just went thru a whole rigamaroll with percentages running across the screen for a minute . . . got up to 100% . . . and said the file was too large. I can email a scan to anyone who wants it . . . in two passes - 1 per page.
Here it is.

(Larger version here.)

Richard sent me the 15 meg version via email. It looks like an original typescript, not a carbon. mjp will probably know better, but I see the marks on my scan from the typewriter ribbon and it does not look smudgey like it would be on a carbon. Maybe he retyped this for the submission?
Thanks mjp for putting that up there for me in its low res glory. The paper is actually yellower than it appears in this scan and is, of course, a standard size sheet.

Interesting observation Bill. Now the originals [or carbons] are still at my daughter's house so I can't examine them with my obviously inexpert [not to mention technologically challenged] faculties.
FYI, the published versions remove "pale" from the line:

in a pale freak May night in

And the Terror Street version has a dropped "e" in the first "blonde."
It looks like an original typescript, not a carbon.
Definitely looks original. The overall sharpness is a giveaway, and the little dots in the spaces are from the typewriter ribbon...

And don't forget, he didn't even use carbon paper until 1969.

Do you have any copies of Avalanche #3 available? I believe it has a Bukowski drawing--and I just read the poem "living" which is a wonderful poem.
I just gave my archives to the Bancroft Library including the camera-ready copy Issue 3 of the mag was photo-offset from with the Buk drawing of him looking out the window glued in place. And also gave them the original mss of the poem I got from him in the mail, like "worms" on yellow paper.

I have only a very few copies left, sorry. I just looked on ABE BOOKS and there are two copies of number 2 available. it appears everyonce in a while. AABA has a want list you can list a book you want, kick back, and some time in the future they will email you with one for sale. http://www.abaa.org/

Thanks for asking.
Just confirming - you gave the Library the mss you were discussing in the above conversation? I am coming late, obviously, to this discussion and was wondering if it is still available. Thanks.
Hi Andreatomberg,

I just sold the mss. of "to kiss the worms goodnight" to the Bukowski Museum in Germany last week - I did not publish it; the poems of his I did publish in the Avalanche went to the Bancroft Library at U.C. Berkeley. I guess the short answer to yr question is "no." But thanks for asking.
In that poem it says:

drawing pictures [...]
on the walls with children's

I think this episode is mentioned in one of the bios as well.

And I think the original line:
in a pale freak May night in
is much better with the word "pale" in it.
I just sold the mss. of "to kiss the worms goodnight" to the Bukowski Museum in Germany last week

The Bukowski Museum? Do you mean the German Bukowski Society, because I don't think there's a German Bukowski Museum, although the Bukowski Society does plan to create one.
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andreatomberg please don't take this the wrong way, but your first post suggested that you are a rare book dealer. Is this the case, and are you only here looking for stock and customers or do you have an interest in the works of Charles Bukowski?
Nice picture, Roni. Glad they got there safely. Enjoy the extra goodies plus the Bukowski bookmark from green panda press. And thank you Bill for helping facilitate this.
Yet another valuable American historical document and treasure falls into the hands of a smug, grinning German!

The last thing my wonderful grandfather saw on this earth was a grin like that, staring down at him in a frozen foxhole! He was defenseless! His last letter arrived here in the US days after his lifeless corpse was consumed by starving German Shepherds and only mildly hungry German rats, and wouldn't you know - the letter was written on yellow paper!

Just like the paper our "friend" holds!

Bastards. Evil, evil, bastards. Watch as they take over Europe again with their fancy Eurozone and colorful bank notes. Mark my words, Germany will own Italy and Spain, Portugal - and probably Japan and China too. Soon the entire world will be buried beneath their damned yellow paper!

Anyway, congrats, Roni!
Yes, to everything, mjp just said. Couldn't have said it any better.

p.s.: we already own these countries mentioned. Russia's next. Then you.
I forgot Greece!

Sorry, I was influenced by an article I read recently about Germany owning Europe, and financially they do, or soon will. No empire lasts forever, but no one here in the US seems to realize that yet. It's cute. Luckily I'll be dead and gone when the fall comes, and you young pricks can do the Mad Max bit without me.
[...] about Germany owning Europe [...]

funny p.o.v.
In Germany, NO ONE sees it like that. Instead, everybody is lamenting about their tax-payments being used to save a foreign country, while the money would be needed in our own. At least that's what all my tax-paying friends tell me.

I prefer your suggestion by far.
But it won't help us, to be honest: Europe may be owned by Germany, but Germany is owned by the US, while the US are owned by China.
And here I was always told that JESUS had the whole world in his hands. Turns out it's China.

It's hard to be mad though. At least China is real...
Ah, so that's your pick up smile. I'm sure it goes well together with a good pick up line.:)
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