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read a Hank poem and was hooked- "cats balls" i believe or any one of them would have done it. Collecting like a crazed lunatic, letters got me now in a stranglehold. I recently picked up a letter from Captain Ahab and didn't notice in your archives. thought you might want to file. or just check out. i dig it but i'm a sucker for a short skirt.


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If you have a letter that isn't in the manuscripts section and feel like uploading it, I'll add it.

Bukowski wrote thousands of letters, so it isn't possible to gather them all in one place. But we'll get as many together as we can.
Please let me know how to upload...
The most basic option is to save the files in a folder on your computer and use the "Attach files" button that's at the lower left corner of each new post window (see the paper clip). You could post ~5 per message in 10+ messages and that might take 5-10 minutes, so it's not really a big undertaking.
I’m thinking I could do this by starting a new thread, and then when they’re all uploaded in several messages, mjp or whoever does it could grab them and put them in the letters section? If there’s any way I could help get them into place, let me know, I’m game. Thanks.


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A Dropbox share would be good. You can send me a private message about that if you'd like.

A thread might be interesting since they're all written to one person, but either way I'll add them to the manuscripts section.

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