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I'm curious as to connections between the two writers. Obviously Buk mentions reading Nietzsche in multiple poems & from an interview or two that I've read with him; but are there any accounts of the following specifics: books of Nietzsche's that he had read; comparisons made between Nietzsche & Schopenhauer that Buk applied to his own personal thought & action (or inaction)? I understand that a member here named roni had written a paper concerning the three writers...does anyone with an understanding of German, or even roni himself, mind giving me a simple outline?

books of Nietzsche's that he had read
I seem to remember, that he mentioned Nietzsche's 'Beyond Good And Evil' ('Jenseits von Gut und Böse') in letters, but ain't sure if he's read the whole thing cover to cover. Its form, having aphorisms and short chapters, seduces to just flip through it.

He also refers to 'Human - All-too-human' ('Menschliches - Allzumenschliches') in the poem 'a funny guy', but I seriously doubt he has read that one, since it isn't very accessible, despite the aphorism-form. To really "get" that book one would need a good knowledge of the intellectual discourses of the time.

Somewhen in the early 1980s he writes in a letter, that a German fan had sent him Schopenahuer's 'Parerga And Paralipomena' and that he reccommends it. Here too, I'd find it questionable, if he had the attention span (and will) to fully work through it. But in the mentioned poem 'a funny guy' he talks of an episode that actually is in 'Parerga'.

So, in short: we don't have evidence that he has read their works very deep, and I don't see him doing that. What I can easily see is Hank sitting in bed, reading passages here and there, while Linda is next to him reading Fitzgerald.
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for the German-speaking cats around here:
attached is my short essay predecessing the address I gave at the Schopenhauer-Society (and to which Bersarin linked above).


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Thanks very much! I was wondering how in depth Buk was as well. Fante mentions The Antichrist in Ask The Dust, so it's always possible that Buk followed suit & looked at that. I see him as more of a Beyond Good & Evil / Antichrist reader than say, a Zarathustra / Gay Science one.

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