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I remember reading a poem in a newer collection that I inferred to be about Truman Capote (He always wore a long dramatic scarf... his sardonic wit had dried up, and he became an old bitter frog-like man (or something to that effect). Can anybody tell me the name of the poem, and even better post it if you have the resources
It's called "Nothing but a scarf". It's in the latest poem collection - "Come on in". The second poem in the book. I've just read it the other day. I also thought of Capote right away. "...a little elf - man with huge eye glasses. and he always wore a long dramatic scarf..." , He-he.
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Thanks for that. I like Buk, and Capote for different reasons, and in someways find their personalities to be similar. I wonder if Buk wrote that resenting Capote, or out of embarrassment for the person he became.

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