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i will never forget the time i was flipping through the stations on the radio and tuned into the( NPR reading of) buk poem 'sometimes even putting a nickel into a parking meter feels good'
a bad reading but still a fun experience. did any of you catch that surprise?
Didn't catch it. Once I heard my local NPR station (back in the Albany NY area before I moved to OR) talking poetry and my grandfather was mentioned in the same breath as Bukowski. Thought that was kinda cool. Shame I can't find any of my grandfather's work readily available.
yeah,little surprises on the college radio stations have given the days a little more light.what was your grandfatthers name?
His real name was Graham Wilcox. But I know he wasn't published under that name. At least not most of his stuff. Gray\Grey Fox was the name he used most often, I think, but right now my aunt has hoarded away all his stuff and refuses to let anyone so much as touch it.

It was just weird... They were talking about... uh, I think modern poets or something LIKE that and one of the guests was talking about alcoholic poets or some such thing and mentioned "Like a Bukowski, or Graham Wilcox" and I almost drove off the road I was so surprised. Strange connections in this world.

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