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Buk shots... (1 Viewer)

Great...three of these I've never seen before...



$350 per 8x10 (and you have to take them all) is a little bit steep, considering Neeli sold those large Sam Cherry prints for $200 or $300 per a few years back.

But -- vintage prints are where it's at in photography collecting, so these are nice. I am tempted, but I don't really want to buy a bunch of pictures of Neeli.

I have to say though, that picture of Bukowski and Marina is almost worth $2500 on it's own...

Let's just hope someone doesn't buy them and have Linda King sign them.
Am I the only one surprised by Neeli having the sandals on his bare feet while wearing a winter coat and being wrapped up with scarf (?!!?)?
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I´ve only seen two of them before - the portrait and the one where Buk stands next to the religious sign. They're all great photos and from a time when Buk was´nt as famous as he would become in the early 70's.
I love Neeli's winter coat and sandals. Very bohemian...I think. :p
Great post, thanks for the link! My favourite is especially the boxcar shot where Sam managed to capture him in such a dignified mood that can be rarely seen on other photos of the man.


I wonder exactly how many, if not hundreds of photos were made around the time when Sam visited Buk between 1967-70 (?).

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