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Want to buy Buk-stores in LA (1 Viewer)

Friends - I will be in Los Angeles today and tomorrow. Please post your best recommendations for Buk-stores and sites of interest to you. If possible I would like to examine and purchase letters and 70's manuscripts.
You will not find many letters or manuscripts in LA, most likely. The bulk of the letters and manuscripts that were sold to the public were sold out of SF, CA and sold all over the world. There may be a store in LA that has some, but you have a better chance checking on ebay than running across one in LA.
Yeah, Bill is right, there isn't a store here - that I know of - that sells manuscripts. If you did find a store selling some, it would likely be one or two, and you'd probably have to know who to ask for.

There are a few good bookstores left in town, but not many (record stores must outnumber book stores 3 to 1 now), and none that could spread out a variety of manuscripts in front of you to choose from.

I guess it's not surprising that people expect such a place to exist. I must get 50 emails a year asking, "Where can I buy some of Bukowski's art?" As if there's a single source. There isn't, for the record, so as Bill said, you'll have better luck trawling eBay or waiting for the next auction.
The Mystery Pier bookstore , 8826 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069, 310-657-5557

Best shop in the Southland for rare modern firsts. Top Prices but Top condition.

The Huntington has a impressive collection; you must call and arrange to see their collection.
Based on address, they're probably connected with Book Soup, which means they're likely as snotty and elitist. Most pretentious bookstore I've ever been to.

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