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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
our symposium in August - where, by the way, David will attend and speak!
I hope I can make it to the symposium, who are the other speakers?
Meanwhile David must be half German.

edit: His address is in German too?
Meanwhile David must be half German.
His wife is German.

Ponder: Were you at the symposium last year?
No, he was talking at the symposium in 2009 together with BlackSwan.
At that symposium David was also talking. And then there was a guy from Spain, you can find him here under the name cirerita.

I hope I can make it to the symposium, who are the other speakers?

Would be nice to see you there.
Among other speakers will be Dora, who was talking at the last symposium too and a dermatologist, Prof. Bahmer, talking about Bukowskis skin-deseases.
It's an event organized by the Bukowski-Society, usually around Buks birthday in his town of birth, Andernach (Germany).
There are addresses by Bukowski-experts or other people, who have something to say on the subject.

This year's program is still in the making, but there will be an address by David Calonne and one by a dermatologist about Buks skin-deseases. Also an address by a girl, who's working on her PhD about Bukowski at the moment - known here as 'Dora'. Other addresses and the usual Saturday-evening-event are not sure yet.

You can see a couple of pics from last year's symposium here:
info about the program is now here:
and here:

our own DAVID S. CALONNE will speak about:
- Bukowski as Genius: The Romantic Conception of the Creative Artist

and our DORA will talk on:
- "Fingers, Hands and Heads" - the 'fragmented-body'-poetry of Charles Bukowski
there was none this year.
it was intended to have this year's symposium during the Buk-Exhibition in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, which was supposed to take place this summer. Around November 2012 the people in SuRo informed us, they couldn't do the exhibition this year and I wasn't prepared for anything else.

The exhibition - together with the symposium - will take place in the summer of 2014.

It WILL be an event!

(following: 3 pics from our facebook-page concerning the selection of items for the exhibition)
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