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Style is the way as buk says 'Style is the truth of nothing and everything' I hope i can get around to buying some of his books, if not all 'but the devils juices taste so good' (compaired to a buk):D That i don't think i will ever ever own those books or even taste the words that buk wanted me to drink:eek:

Am i on the way to getting myself banned, for been not been to english literate enough for you all?

Iv always hated talking to people:( but want to be able to be friends with people who love a man of wisdom and sense:p
lol the only thing i can say you should be scorned for is all those damn faces. lighten up on then a little bit. LOL TOO MANY DAMNED SMILEY FACES.
Arrgh! Small-pocks-smiley-face-disease! Other than that, your post didn't make any sense to me.

Oh, and hello everyone. I've been MIA for a while, hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive that.

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