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Buk Tapes $10! (1 Viewer)

I like that the guy you bought yours from listed the genre as "Children & Family." Show it to the kids when they tire of the teletubbies.
i guess that's what u get with these LARGE sellers, they don't know the difference between Bukowski or Sesame Street and they don't care!
I'm buying 3, 1 for each kid this Christmas! I'm sure my 5 year old would love it...
You watch, some sucker (sorry, some guy) will win for 13, 14 bucks... When you had to go and RUIN the excellent $10 buy it now option!!
Bill- I'm watching you! You are good at the low bids (gets things going), I guess once in awhile you grab one or two this way...
Better go, the wife is looking to continue an argument that started about 9 years ago... Kill me, please!!!

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