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So I know that the bus tour isn't very popular here. I've never had a problem with it and I actually have fun on the tour. The people from Esotouric have always treated me well and personally, I have no issue with them making money. If I had the choice, I'd be doing LA bus tours instead of what I'm doing too. The fact is, because of their tours, I've been able to meet interesting people, like John Dullaghan and others which for a Buk fan, is exciting, at least to me. They're doing this tour at the same cost as all their other Buk tours with the added bonus of a pre-released book.

Esotouric also does its share of community outreach as well, as they've done with the saving of the LA Public Library. www.savelapl.org.

Is anyone planning on going? I'm excited to get the City Lights release. If anyone would like to meet up for a pre-tour drink or an after tour drink, I think it would be fun. We could hang out at some of the shittier downtown LA bars I've frequent. I'd even be down for a party at my place if people are into that sort of thing. Nothing west of Main :-)

I don't know much about the BookExpo thing going on at the convention center, but I signed up to check it out. Harpers Collin is going to be there, etc. I know nothing about the publishing scene. I'm interested in the new Tony O'Neill book coming out soon at Harpers Collin.

Anyway, I obviously don't know all the ins and outs, but if making money off of Buk is their only crime, well, there's a lot of people on that list.

What do you think?
if i were in the los angeles area i would absolutely be down to have pre-tour drinks, drinks on the tour AND post-tour drinks in all of the best dives around. i have no problem with the tour guys. if they can make a buck doing something they are interested in and it doesn't hurt anyone, more power to 'em. seems like and interesting way to spend an afternoon/evening, and like you said, meet some other buk heads and have a few drinks to boot. and hey, a free buk book!!!
Rest in Peace

Perhaps the only thing missing is The Big 20 that bit the dust years ago when the harbingers of moral authority closed it down "like it was a malaria joint," according to Buk. I never went in myself, but I did visit the porn shop just to the right of it and that was funky enough as the quarters dropped into the machines... However, the best part was across the street from The Big 20 where the girls sat in front of big picture windows with phones at their tables for the customers to call and pick them up. Nostaglia... there's nothing like longing for the vices of places gone forever except in the imagination. Sometimes it seems like vice is stronger than truth. In many instances, it's certainly more palatable... Such fond memories of the decedent Hollywood strip that I drove through for over 19 years. Bukowski country.

Yes, Bukfan, exactly so. I now have to indulge my vices over weeks and months rather than days. The body likes it better that way.

These days, Hollywood and Western and that sense of unknown thrills and possibilities, is perhaps better experienced when one is young or passing through on tour... And looking back, if I hadn't brought something of myself to it at the time, I probably would have only seen the area as the decadent urban blight, at least outwardly, it mostly was. Best wishes.
Yes, Bukfan, exactly so. I now have to indulge my vices over weeks and months rather than days. The body likes it better that way.

You too, poptop? :D - You're right about the body. It prefers that we indulge in our vices in small dosages at a time. If only we could find some vices that does'nt affect the body too much...:p
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