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BUK. Von und über Charles Bukowski. (1 Viewer)

Is this an interesting book, Roni, other German cats?

i think it IS an interesting piece.

there Are weak contributions, but some interesting ones as well.

there's not only the facsimile of 'Dear Mr Bukowski' but also of some other scribblings by Buk (including the famous "These words i write...", which he originally did for Benno Kaesmayr of Maro - another one is attached here).

you'll be able to read it, Ponder, but others should keep in mind, it's all german.

i wouldn't say, it's an 'important' piece, but for a fan it sure is interesting and adds to the book-shelf.

the piece, this guy is selling, is the first-ed. i don't know if this is a collectible. but there has been an augmented edition later, that's still available. you can see the contents listed at a place called bukowski-shop.


the editor is A.D.Winans.
It's been very long that I've read this one. When I read it, I didn't even know most contributors, but if you do it might be some great fan-piece, as roni said.
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